Trump should really stop screwing with Obama. The birth certificate thing I can understand; there was doubt and now it's been proved otherwise. But now Trump is also demanding his academic records for no reason that I can see other than to mess with the president. Sounds more like a power trip than proving a point, amirite?

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Trump is trying to make Obama look bad so he's less likely to win, but he's just pissing me off right now. He's getting ridiculous.
He's dividing up a party that's already pretty weak. If he really wants to be presidential candidate (fat chance), he needs to unite Republicans.

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Didn't he do something similar with Rosie O'Donnell a few years ago? As in bully the fuck out of her?

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Wait... there was actually logical doubt about Obama's birth certificate? News to me.

Sounds like he's dividing the Rep. party, making it more likely for Obama to win again. Fucking jackass.

I actually liked the idea of him being president until he started to do all of this shit to Obama.

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What can be said other than the man's a moron and an embarrassment to Republicans?

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I think the whole ordeal is a bit funny, actually.

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