pokemon was pretty much like crack for kids growing up. it started with hey whats that can i try, then you buy some yourself and then you start trading and dealing with others and then your principal bans it and you get in trouble if a teacher sees it at school. amirite?

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Are you kidding???? Pokemon is much better than crack

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I remember those yu-gi-oh cards, those were good times :)

We had Beyblades in grades one and two, I remember there was no noise at all except for "3,2,1, let it RIP!" and a bunch of kids would gather in a circle and duel. I remember I was the only kid to get the Dranzer Spiral for my birthday (the day school started) and three days later I was duelling the top 7th grader in the school, and I beat him and his Bit Chip flew off and hit him in the eye and he punched me in the jaw. The overbite is worth it. :) After that it was Yu-Gi-Oh!. We never got into Pokemon until now, Grade 10. That and The Sims are like our drugs. xD

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i dont know about you, but when I think of Pokémon I don't view it as addicting as drugs. Its just little mutant animal things with superpowers that live inside of poké-balls.

I just homepaged this a few minutes ago! I bet I was the last and final vote to take it onto the homepage! :)

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