Life sucks because you can't just LIVE it. Nooo, you gotta be successful and self-actualising. You gotta "make a change". You gotta "get involved" and "stay active" and "work to make ends meet". You gotta get married and have kids and bust your arse to meet even the lowest common denominator of existence. I just want to LIVE. Everything else can go fuck itself... amirite?

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Sing it, brotha!

I had a book idea for something like this. Like a world where technology runs everything, and everyone shares everything(So it would kind of turn into a communist society, but it would work). No one needs to work, so no one knows what to do with themselves.

I'm gonna start writing it after I finish my last one.

Doing all of those things IS living.

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your comment makes very little sense

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You might want to cite a few references from the following articles:


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@rococo Interesting. You might want to cite a few references from the following...

Thanks, haha. And reading that over, I meant socialist, not communist.

But, you see, once you have nothing but enough money just to stay alive and well-fed and housed, life becomes repetitive and monotonous and you start to WANT those things like getting a better job, making a change or even starting a family, all to make your life more fun.

You are my least favorite artistic period for this reason. YOU complain two much.

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