It'd be funny to see what would happen if you deactivated your Facebook account just for your birthday, amirite?

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One year, there was this huge storm where I lived. The storm caused massive floods and forceful winds. The storm also knocked out all power for over 24 hours... on the day of my birthday.

Needless to say, I didn't get any "happy birthday" wall posts that day...

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Shut up, ho!


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I don't think it counts as spelling your name wrong when you spell your name the same way every time you use it, but hey! What do I know?

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How many times has "Tyra Banks, mofo" signed her name as Trya? Let me tell you, this is not the first.


No one would notice.

It would be even more interesting to set your birthday wrong and see how many people truly knew.

I've tried it... No one cared :P

@BrimDream I've tried it... No one cared :P

Well, if you only have four facebook friends, those friends have at least a few hundred facebook friends, and those friends barely speak with you as it is, then that will inevitably be the result.

Well I would think all my friends would try to not talk to me because they'd feel wierd for not saying hapy birthday and I would be all its chill bro I deactivated my account that day and they'd be all ohhh cool. To be honest it would all just be super confusing.

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