If lava melts rock, wouldn’t the lava melt the volcano? amirite?

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obviously not...

theres alot of unexplainable stuff on this earth...so normal people just give god the credit for that

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I think it has something to do with the volcano being made of lava and ash...or something xD
I looked it up (because I'm like that xD) and I found this:

The outside of the volcanic structure is not being subjected to the same temperatures as the inside of the volcano and is insulated from the heat of the lava by previous layers of solidified magma.

Yeahh. I'm not sure if it's correct though xD lol.

It's the same reason ice won't freeze water. You can get Them CLOSE to the same temperatures, but you can't make them the same as how one started.

The flaw is that lava doesn't melt rock, it is melted rock.

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