I think it is stupid how you can fail a class in college because you were absent. I mean, what if you got a life-threatening illness which left you in the hospital for the whole marking period? That's like making you fail at life because you almosted died and you can't help getting sick, amirite?

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No, it's actually not at all like your analogy. You must not be in college if you think a professor will fail a student for being absent only a few times. If you're absent for the entire semester, well then of course you're going to fail. It wouldn't matter if it was because of you being hospitalized. You would be NOT doing work that somehow, you're supposed to magically get a passing grade for? I don't understand your logic in this, if there is any.

No college professor will fail someone for being absent only a few times. If you actually are absent because of a legitimate illness or from being hospitalized, they are required to excuse it (you couldn't help it, for God's sake). But if you're absent for an entire semester, no matter what the reason, of course you're not going to get a grade for the class. ..

You're probably not failing because you're absent. It's probably more the fact that you think "almosted" is a word.

Also, technically dying WOULD be "failing at life". Just saying.

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You can fail a class at any level for being absent. If you're not there to do the work, then you don't deserve credit.

I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

It does suck when you struggle is a class all year, get sick at the end, and drop from a C to an F cause you were gone a week.

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