The second letter of your name is a vowel. amirite?

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Fuck! You beat me to it!!! Im a Ryan to!!!

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It's best just to stay neutral and not get mixed up in things.

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Adolf. I win


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not Andrew

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@not Andrew

(Your+name+(optional)): Or Phillip.

@CherryCherryBoomBoom op meant name irl.

Maybe his real name is Phil. It would work.

@not Andrew

(Your+name+(optional)): grace!

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Image in content

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Emma lolwut smilie

It seems to apply mostly to people whose first letters have consonants, like Rachel or Sam. People whose name start with vowels, Erica, Elizabeth, Alyssa, or in my case Evan. There are obviously exceptions, like Spencer or Ian, but the theme here is people with vowels for the first letter of the name have consonants as their second letter, and vice versa, and I really hope you didn't take the time to read this because it was rather pointless. TY, GN

My name is Christina so it doesn't apply to me. It's dumb that people are no waying the post because they know someone that has a non-vowel second letter. The post isn't say "you and everyone you know" it's just saying YOU.


Olivia :P


Not Osama :)

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@Not Osama :)

(Osama Bin Laden): and now you're dead.

Allison, Gregory, and Sharon. Three of the four people I live with would say no.

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I'm starting to think that a lot of the people who "No way'd" this post looked at both their real name and Amirite name to find one that didn't follow the rule for the post...

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Lol jk, my real name's nick.

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Shania... :P


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I know your secret

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Just wanted my name to be known too...

Strange to think this post got almost 1000 votes and 61 comments in one day

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Sam :)

Rachel :D
All four of my names' second letter is a vowel. Weeeeeeeeeird.

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Isha, Ashwariya, Anu, Abhi, Prakash, Anil, Shruti, Preeti, Sri, etc.
I could keep going but my point is that you can't make over-generalizations like this...

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@Isha, Ashwariya, Anu, Abhi, Prakash, Anil, Shruti, Preeti, Sri, etc. I could keep going but my point is that you...

(...alorsondanse): It's not an over-generalization... I didn't say this applies to everyone on Earth... It applies to most people, though.

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Yep, in both my username and real name. And last name... and middle name.

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@danilol nope

O is a vowel.

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@SEXY_BEAST O is a vowel.

how did i know somebody was gonna say that

@Mads you're phsychic?!

no, he's from the futer.

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Brittany and Ashleigh my sisters. But my name is Cassidy. :D

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This applies to my name, but my brother's name is Eric.
Then there's Elizabeth. Steve...

I'm just naming people I know here.

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Eleanor :)


I feel excluded...

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Only sometimes.


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@alienator Only sometimes. Ryki.

in your situation, it's a vowel

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Nope, not for me

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kristen. (:

never ahahahaa!

but im rachael!(: haha

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can everyone please stop commenting their names? its annoying.

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