The worst times of baby sitting is when it's midnight, the kids are asleep, all you want to do is go home, and the parents were supposed to be home 50 minutes ago. amirite?

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At least you're not the girl in When A Stranger Calls

I love how I'm reading this while babysitting, waiting for the parents to come home because their kids have sleeping for hours...

I feel like this is happening right now to the OP.

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I just charge them a lot more.

For me, the worst part is when the kids want to stay up past their bedtime, they're running around screaming, and the dog won't stop growling.

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yes!! and right before the parents leave! Once I was called to come babysit at 6:30pm. I show up and they hadn't even started dinner yet or gotten ready. I was just like 'are you kidding me?'(of course I didn't say it out loud). I think they just wanted me to keep the kids out of their hair while they got ready (I didn't even get paid for the time they were still there).

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This happens like every weekend with me. The parents were finally like "Look, we aren't even going to bother telling you when we'll be home anymore because we'll probably show up two hours later than that and be smashed."

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Once I was sick with a screaming baby in the next room...and they were two hours late. They coulda paid me a million bucks, it wouldn't have been enough.

If the kids are old enough, I just leave. How dare you put me out and not even inform me you're going to be doing so. It's extremly rude to the baby sitter. If they want to throw a huff about it, they can find a new baby sitter or be conciderate next time.

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