Being a grammar nazi is like being a 12-year-old; you don't think you are annoying when you are one, but when you aren't one, you realize how obnoxious they are. amirite?

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Grammar Nazi*

Grammar Nazis>12 year olds.

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I was, too. I grew out of both. Apology accepted.

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You know what's worse than Grammar Nazis? 12 year olds with ghastly grammar.

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I realize that I am annoying when I'm a "Grammar Nazi." However grammar is worth annoyance. I won't deny that it is exorbitantly annoying.

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yah cuz dis iz wayyy less annoying 2 otha ppl amirite

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People are waaaayyyyy too anal about grammar on here.

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No, I do realize how obnoxious I am; it's just fun.

When people make a really big grammar mistake I think it's ok to correct them, but not when you are just casually talking (typing) and you forget to capitalize something, then thats just annoying.

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Im 12 and wut is this?

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