If humans didn't have taste buds, and the only reason to eat food was because you're hungry and needed to eat, then nobody would be overweight, amirite?

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people would still eat to try and fill that empty feeling in their hearts probably.

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but it makes doing something you have to better.....i love god..

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@Lol. Wtf did that have to do with anything?

You'll understand when time comes, If it ever does...

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That's a falsity. In reality, people who are overweight tend to eat out of habit, not for any form of satisfaction. Don't be an idiot and generalize fat people. Oh, wait. Too late. You already did and you already are.

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I don't think so. People (I know I would) would still eat for the sensation of taste if nothing else.

Just like how people do drugs for the high even though it's not necessary to life, and yet we still have crackheads and druggies.

It's not just how much you eat that influences your weight. It also has to do with your metabolism and how your body converts food, what kind of food and how healthy it is, and what else you do. If you sat around all day, you would look different than someone who exercised, and if you ate fast food you would look different than someone who ate healthy food. So even if we didn't have taste buds, we still would have different shaped bodied.

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