'Live life like there's no tomorrow' means something totally different to really religious Muslims, amirite?

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Why is that exactly ?
I'm a Muslim and I would like to know what you mean.

@Stuff I feel like she's suggesting suicide bombers.

If that's what she means then I would like to say that bombers and terrorists are not only Muslims, they are of every religion.
And NOT all Muslims think that way, it's just a very small percentage of them.

@2and7Nov If that's what she means then I would like to say that bombers and terrorists are not only Muslims, they are of...

I know not all Muslims are like that; my best friend is a religious Muslim. That's just what I felt like she was saying.
...I get just a little defensive when people suggest you're all terrorists.

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There's a difference between "really religious Muslims" and terrorists & suicide bombers.

There are plenty of extremely religious Muslims who are NOT terrorists. The religion is actually against violence.

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I agree, a rather unfortunate choice of words considering it strengthens a completely unfair, untrue and dangerous stereotype. Plus a really religious Muslim is most likely to spend their last day praying anyway. You probably didnt mean anything by it but its a silly thing to say nontheless.

"Ergo, really religious Muslims are suicide bombers." ???

Dear OP, it's good have an opinion and may no one ever take that right from you. However... If this posts is implying what I think it's implying... Wow, I think I just got my feelings hurt :( If you have time, please look up the meaning of Islam from independent, unbiased sites.
If not, oops - unfortunately choice of words! ^^

I think went she said religious, she meant radical.
and when she said muslims, she meant I'm ignorant.
p.s. 6% of all terrorist attacks are by muslims
Muslim=/= terrorist.

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I'm fairly sure every religion has some sort of rule against violence, so if they were really religious then they wouldn't kill anyone.

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This is a very simple post. Im suprised how many of you brought up terrorism just because it had the word 'muslim' in it. Anyway, What I meant was, really religious Muslims would spend time asking for forgiveness and praying, while normally the saying means living life to its fullest. Very simple post.

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