Everyone talks about how hard it must have been to be a caveman. Have to go out and hunt if you wanna eat anything and how were so lazy now. But really, cavemen have the same traits as lazy people. They don't have a trash can to throw things away in, so they throw it on the floor, they sit in one place and watch the same things all day, they eat, and they re-populate. amirite?

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So easy a lazy person can do it?

Doesn't have the same feel.

How the fuck did this get homepaged?

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Why are you talking about cavemen in the present tense?

As a person with a stick caveman tattooed to them, I can safely say no.

This is so dumb haha.

@Paper_Clip This is so dumb haha.

It is dumb, it is really dumb, for real

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