It's awkward when a sentence doesn't end the way you octopus. amirite?

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I like big things in my butthole.

Hmmm... Guess it worked fine this time.

Anonymous +53Reply

Saw this on tumblr but it doesn't really carrot.

Serenes avatar Serene Yeah You Are +41Reply

wow, now everyone is gonna be like, Haha this is so Apple! I hate when that Scoliosis.

EpicFlameSwords avatar EpicFlameSword Yeah You Are +40Reply

I have to admit, I didn't expect this post to be so grapefruit.

SittinKittys avatar SittinKitty Yeah You Are +36Reply

Did you hear osama bin laden was pinneappled?

DerpyHoovess avatar DerpyHooves Yeah You Are +36Reply

Howcome everyones "awkward" words are doodles?

Anonymous +22Reply

Ikr! I just hate it when that hippos eating pineapples!

That was humuhumunukunukuapuaa.

Juless avatar Jules Yeah You Are +17Reply

I love this pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconesosis.

bahahaha, i laughed so hard i practically boobs.

L0v3s avatar L0v3 Yeah You Are +9Reply

I laughed. A lot.

KatherineFailss avatar KatherineFails Yeah You Are +8Reply


D_Moneys avatar D_Money Yeah You Are +6Reply
Anonymous +5Reply

(Shoop Da Whoop): Imma firin the mediocre employee

D_Moneys avatar D_Money Yeah You Are +2Reply

I hate it when words end unexpectedcrack.

Wow, this post is so pumpernickle.

Anonymous +4Reply

I favorited this post just for the fecal matter.

I completely pickle!

Lemonlimes249s avatar Lemonlimes249 Yeah You Are +1Reply

You're totally right about-squirrel!

I see what you did cheese. Didn't see that one one mercury.

Anonymous +1Reply

I see what is going on supercalafragilisticsexpialadocious.

Anonymous +1Reply

This post reminds me of that time I met candlejack and he gra

Meerkats avatar Meerkat Yeah You Are 0Reply

I saw this on facebook ages ago but it doesn't matter, it's still calculator.

Anonymous -1Reply

What the penis?!

Anonymous -1Reply

I love running my tongue a biiiig, thiiick, juicyyy, haaaard dum-dum

Anonymous -4Reply
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