You have no idea who I am. I could be some kid at your school, a random person walking down your street, your best friend. I could even be that creepy person standing behind you with a knife. You don't know. amirite?

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I'm lying down on my bed, which is shoved up against a wall. If you are standing behind me, you almost deserve to kill me.
But still, please don't.

Anyone else turn around when they read about the killer with a knife? Or am I just paranoid?

Wrong. I know you're none of those.
No one at my school knows this site, if you had to walk down the street where I live you wouldn't know English, my best friend doesn't use this site and he barely uses a computer, and my back's against a wall atm
So fu

Francoiss avatar Francois No Way +21Reply

I'm homeschooled. There's no one else at my school.
I doubt anybody in my neighbourhood knows this site.
None of my friends/acquaintances know about this site.
I'm currently sitting with my back to the wall. Behind the wall is a balcony. If there was somebody on the balcony, my four dogs would be barking like crazy.

Btw, I have a knife too.

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It's a small switchblade I keep with me. So when I'm on the computer, it's right there.

Are you someone at my school haha
That woukd be weird

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"You don't know me at all.
You don't know the first thing about me. You don't know where I'm writing this from. You don't know what I look like. You have no power over me.
What do you think I look like? Skinny? Freckles? Wire-rimmed glasses over brown eyes? No, I don't think so. Better look again. Deeper. It's like a kaleidoscope, isn't it? One minute I'm short, the next minute tall, one minute I'm geeky, one minute studly, my shape constantly changes, and the only thing that stays constant is my brown eyes. Watching you. "
-David Klass

G_jmtd_wmts avatar G_jmtd_wmt Yeah You Are +1Reply

I could be the annoying girl who's on her way to your house to ding-dong-ditch you right now. Or I could be your mom...

muffinmonkeys avatar muffinmonkey Yeah You Are 0Reply

My back is against a wall, and I still checked over my shoulder >//<

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D_Moneys avatar D_Money Yeah You Are 0Reply

I didn't look around my shoulder, but I did flinch.

Laying in bed atm. Come at me, knife man.

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