Brawl players: nothing's worse then the feeling of sheer terror when you realize your up special isn't going to get you anywhere near that ledge, amirite?

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Bitch please, I'm Kirby.

@shorkian Bitch please, I'm Kirby.

Oh same. Kirby's a boss.

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dammit Ness/Lucas, I'm too stressed to aim the psy ball! And Yoshi, your flutter jump does not count

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@Ness is a boss

Ness is the inverse of a boss



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Dammit Jigglypuff, don't sing! And Peach, that's cool, just float slowly down to your death, I don't mind...

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@Saigot PIT FTW!

Pit is such a tool.

Katffros avatar Katffro Yeah You Are +3Reply

You gotta have skill for that if you're gonna use Ike.

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@FlyingPanda You gotta have skill for that if you're gonna use Ike.

I typically use his side special. I'm not entirely sure what they were thinking when they made Aether his Up Special. I get shot off to the side A LOT more often than I get hit straight down.

Ike either barely makes it or epicly falls into the abyss.

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Giga-Bowser :D

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i up voted just cause im a brawl player

Farore's Wind FTW

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Ike fails at jumping but I still manage somehow

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Zelda's poof sucks, because you can't direct her. But, Meta-Knight's works well most of the time

Mario and motherfucking link

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Kirby FTW!

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