When you start liking someone, every little insignificant thing they do becomes interesting to no end, amirite?

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Oh my gosh, I pretty much fell in love with this boy i met at camp last weekend.
"Whaaaaat, you play the ukelele? goo smilie "
"Whaaaaat, you breathe air? ME TOO! goo smilie "

and when you start licking someone, thats a whole 'nother story!

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Well ... Somewhat?
line of thought involving liked person Ass. Ass. Ass. Oh look, she's really good at drawing! Ass. Ass. Heh, that was actually a really funny joke. Ass. Ass. Ass ...

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They're doing a math test? DAMN IT WHERE'S MY VIDEO CAMERA

Their favorite pop-tarts are the chocolate chip ones? WE'RE SOUL MATES.

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