Although we know that drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth tastes AWFUL, we have all done it more than once. amirite?

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I've never done this. Who has juice for breakfast?

@Shadi Jews.

(Chauncy Pickles): You just called everyone who voted YYA a jew.

@Shadi Got a problem with that, Fuhrer?

(Chauncy Pickles): I just think it's statistically impossible for that to be true.

@Shadi Not if everyone converted just to spite you.

(Chauncy Pickles): That's an even greater statistical impossibility. There can't be more than 10% that would do that.

I got a coupon from Minute Maid recently because I said their orange juice tasted awful. Score one for me.

something needs to be done about this

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lol, i agree

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@apeprillmarie lol, i agree

The solution is simple we need orange flavour toothpaste

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i was honestly thinking the same thing... they have it put it's icky. soooo we could invent orange JUICE flavored Toothpaste.

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If even one person said NW, then obviously we haven't ALL done it, therefore this post is wrong.

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I don't even like OJ itself, and I've still done this multiples times..

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