Why would christian people want to circumcise their kids, Oh I guess I forgot about the part in the bible that says: "and god made man in his image, except for the foreskin part he screwed that up", amirite?

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because girls would rather fuck a circumcised guy

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@because girls would rather fuck a circumcised guy

I don't see why. I've had sex with a guy who was circumcised and one who wasn't. They don't look any different when they're hard. It shouldn't really matter as long as the guy knows what he's doing in bed, and has good hygiene (which is important if they are circumcised or not). Although non-circumcised penis was more comfortable because it slides easier.

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Circumcision is mainly for hygienic reasons. And God doesn't "screw things up." Don't quote the Bible if you don't know what it says.

Besides hygiene, circumcision was a way for the Israelites to distinguish themselves apart from the other cultures in the surrounding areas of that time. It was done symbolically to say here is a physical manifestation of a spiritual connection, dedication and worship of God. So technically its more of a Jewish thing, Christians just do it because we live in western culture and are aware that it is more hygienic.

The best part about not being circumcised is that lube isn't required for wanking
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But other than that, it's not a good thing to have...

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I like to play with my foreskin.


To be honest, I find foreskin to be gross. I prefer my men circumcised, thank you very much!

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but there is a scripture in book chapter:scripture ''Don not quote the Bible,Torah, or Koran''

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Nonreligious people do it too and only jews really have to do it, the bible says later it doesn't matter if you're circumsized or not.

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