If a college needs a commercial, it's probably not a good college, amirite?

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Or use their money on advertising rather than academics...

penguins_flys avatar penguins_fly Yeah You Are +13Reply

I resent that! Le Cordan Bleu has helped me receive my valued job position at Red Lobster for only $12k in student loans!

mchristies avatar mchristie Yeah You Are +9Reply

I saw this on College Humor

Anonymous +8Reply

The Xtreme Kansas College of Dentistry does not need advertisements.

DontJudges avatar DontJudge Yeah You Are +3Reply

What a coincidence, I just heard a commercial for my college on pandora.

Anonymous +3Reply

I'm pretty sure I've seen a commercial for UC Davis before... But I could be mistaken. That's a fantastic school.

Except all colleges play a commercial when their football/basketball teams are on TV

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