When are they coming out with the Kidz Bop version of S&M? amirite?

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Kidz Bop (23) includes family-friendly songs you and your kids will enjoy!
with tracks like: S&M AND MOREEE.

anelles avatar anelle Yeah You Are +6Reply

What exactly are you thinking of with S&M? I believe I'm not thinking the same thing.

OptimusPrime69s avatar OptimusPrime69 Yeah You Are +4Reply

Kidz Bop... -cringe-

Pedophiles everywhere want to know!

Was there actually a Kidz Bop version of California Gurls and a bunch of other songs with inappropriate content?

I feel old... I own the very first Kidz Bop they made :P I remember being really disappointed cause I thought it would just have a collection of songs, not have the songs sung by random adults and children.

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