No one actually sleeps with their hands folded under their head like they show in movies, amirite?

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I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but I always sleep with my hand underneath my pillow making a little triangle with mt arm

@i still dont get it

I think anon is trying to describe having your hands together (like a prayer position) and having them between your face and the pillow.

@starke -_-

yes, only using nouns to describe what you mean is tottalt -.- worthy

I actually do sleep like that.

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I sleep like that, my moms taken pictures lol

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I guess I'm no one.

I sleep like that all the time. My pillows are too soft, so I keep my hands like that to make sure my head doesn't roll over uncomfortably.

I used to, i'm not sure if I still do.

I do. I always sleep on my side, and I know I use to put my hands like that when I was younger, now I think I do a weird arm thing under my pillow or something..

its true! i do!

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Only one hand. It used to my my hands fall asleep when I slept on both though, so I stopped.

I don't own any pillows asshole

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