The word "party" in a British accent sounds like "potty", amirite?

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I'd say that's a Bostonian accent, being from Boston.

Think about it. The difference between: The American "potty"—"pod-Dy"—and what the OP says is the British "party"—"potty".

If you got this from themidnightbeast's parody of Friday, I love you.

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...It sounds like 'paaaaaarty'

ps. we dont actually speak like that! :D

@Boxwoman i was affened by that not you the post

Punctuation is your friend. Show it some love.

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*the word "potty" in an American accent sounds like "party"

If you say "beer can" in a British accent, it sounds like "bacon" in a Jamaican accent..

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I remember when I was little I couldn't pronounce my r's. We had this 'bring your bike to school day' and I was trying to tell my friends that my bike had a 'party' theme. They kept thinking I was saying potty.......they thought it was a bike you could pee in.

Not really. People from britain actually pronounce their o's. It's more American because American's don't pronounce their o's. Potty is America is like pahtty, which, in turn, is similar to party.

Uhhh, you clearly have never heard an English person say party if you think it sounds like 'potty', hardly anyone speaks really posh here like we get portrayed in films.

First of all, there is no such thing as a British accent. Second, you're wrong because I've been to America and heard how you say "potty" and I am British with the 'British accent' you are referring to so I know that "potty" and "party" sound nothing alike!

i remember there was a whole debate on that on a post i forgot which tho

Goin potty!
lol I fricken love british people.

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