There's a point where stubbornness goes too far. When your parents threaten to throw out your phone and ground you for a year because you won't take out the trash, take out the damn trash, amirite?

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Personally, I would think someone was a stubborn, spoiled brat anyway, if their parents had to threaten them to get them to do some chores.

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I think the same thing about kids at school who spend the whole period yelling and fighting with the teacher instead of just doing their damn work.
Really, you spend much more effort complaining about it than you would just doing it. I think it's pretty much the same principle.

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I can't imagine being that much of a wanker. I mean, sure, my parents can piss me off royally, but it goes both ways. People who refuse to take out the fucking rubbish must have no respect for their parents, at all.

There's a point where punishment goes too far. When you actually threaten your child with throwing out their phone and grounding for a year because they won't take out the trash, calm the fuck down, amirite?

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Oh good lord. I didn't mean DON'T punish the child, but for heaven's sake, if you lack the skills to communicate and interact with your child so severely that the only way you can get them to take out the trash is to threaten to ground them FOR A YEAR, and your frustration levels so high that a YEAR'S grounding for not taking out the trash seems reasonable, then something has gone badly wrong in your house. Seriously, grounding anyone for a year is immensely cruel and a FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR from fitting punishment for not taking out the flippin trash. If it honestly has reached this point in your family, then there are obviously some serious problems that need addressing.

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You're both right but I agree wry MrRight a little more. Grounding them for a week is one thing but if your temper is so bad that you ground your child for a year for something so little..? Yes I think if a parent tells a kid to take out the trash it is totally reasonable and if they don't then taking the kid's phone away is fair because the kid is obviously a spoiled brat. But if you ground a kid for a year for not taking out the trash then what happens when the child is a teen and has sex an does drugs and gets caught drunk driving at 16? You already used such a big punishment on the trash. You have to be reasonable with the punishments but you definitely should have consequences. And another thing...how many parents would actually ground their child for a year because of that? If it's just empty words then theyll never take you seriously.

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