You've been kicked out of an amusement park before, amirite?

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I try not getting kicked out of places that I pay to get into in the first place.

Boufakas avatar Boufaka No Way +15Reply

That's pretty hard to do. Not only do you have to do something pretty bad, but you have to get caught.

i was kicked out of a library, i was almost kicked out of texas roadhouse.
i kicked everything while yelling "roadhouse", including signs over. they told me if i didnt cut it out theyd ask me to leave

Got kicked out of Brookstone. It's not my fault their back massagers look like vibrators.

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I'm always laughing pretty hard... then again, I'm insane.

No but I got kicked out of an Apple Store.

@BetterThanEzra1119 No but I got kicked out of an Apple Store.

That's a really easy place to get kicked out of.

nnnnnoo, but i've been kicked outta wal-mart before

Sergs avatar Serg No Way -1Reply

Almost have because i was pushed into one of the monsters twice by my douche friend. But i have been kicked out of a Gamestop, i brought in night vision goggles and they kicked me out some reason.

Jonesys avatar Jonesy No Way -1Reply
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