The slutty gardener gave her boyfriend, herpeas, amirite?

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I bet he planted the seed though.....you watch, in nine months...


I was just about to say that..

Don't judge her too hard guys, she's just like us...two eyes...two ears...tulips

Lettuce stop these horrible gardening puns.

She's nothing but dirt.

Then he told her to "beet it".

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After he got it, he said it was thyme for them to see other people.

DeezNutss avatar DeezNuts Yeah You Are +20Reply

Which lead to a shed-load of tension between them.

Unnecessary comma! ATTACK!

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@MonkeyBubbleWrap Unnecessary comma! ATTACK!

Yeahhh, I tend to do that for an odd reason. O.o

DeezNutss avatar DeezNuts Yeah You Are +3Reply
@DeezNuts Oh, really, now?

No, I am, just kiddin,g,.,

@DeezNuts ,,,,,,,

,W,o,n,',t, ,t,h,i,s, ,g,e,t, ,o,ld, ,a,f,t,e,r, ,a, ,w,h,i,l,e,?,,,,,,,

His poor peonies.

They're in love and ready to be wed, but his parents told them they cantaloupe.

She could have spade to at least help him clean up the dirty mess, too. Nope, she just leafed.

slutty gardener... that's an oxymoron

He was so angry he went to the point of violets

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I favorited this just so I can come back whenever I want and read the commments.

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