everybody had a "TILF" back in highschool, amirite?

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My VP heard me say to my friend that he was "unreasonably sexy"
Not sexy.

Nahh, but we had a teacher who liked to fuck freshman girls.

My history teacher was so incredibly hot. EVERY girl in our grade had a "crush" on him at one point or another. And then he invited us all to his wedding. And his wife is a bitch, too.

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Mr. Sexton.
Hahaha. His name makes it that much better

I have one male teacher at the moment, and he's 60.

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What is a TILF?

@bro What is a TILF?

teacher i'd like to fuck. hah i don't have any.

It's awkward when your parent thinks a teacher is hot.hello parent-teacher conference XD

guilty face

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It would be weird to have one for Sex Ed. I'd let her "educate" me...and by educate I mean have sex with

Super super SUPER hot geometry teacher. He was the coach of the UIL math team, and one day he brought his fiance to a UIL meet... I was depressed.

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more like a TIAF << teacher I am Fucking. ;)

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I wish. It'd def. make school more interesting.

Mr. Kettler. Mmm mmm mmm.

Not me. :P So many of the teachers in my school are old or mean. :P
But loads of girls in my year do all seem to have a crush on a geography teacher. They have pictures of him tagged on Facebook, and his name is Carl. xP

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My math teacher is a super sexy red head. She's moving to China though, so I don't have a chance with her :(

@Grills_Bears GEEZUS! Is she hot?!

I woudn't say myself that she's "hot," but she's undeniably attractive, definitely. But I live in california, so. . .

Just last year actually :x haha.
He made the class that much more interesting.

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I was a foolish 10th grader...? D: haha

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sad smilie I'm sorrrrry

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there are two teachers in my school who look alike and are both hott!! everyone loves Naylor and Yackabouchi.

...Mr. Ball...but he's married...

But he has an orange truck, which is awesome.

The 98 people that said "no way" to this. Never had a tilf and are mad

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Only student teachers, not actual teachers

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