Some movies are so good that you just seem to have a terribly hard time getting over them. amirite?

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Titanic and Hercules.

Hayleys avatar Hayley Yeah You Are +5Reply
@Hayley Titanic and Hercules.

Yes! Hercules! Insanely good Disney film.

@Glen_Coco4 Yes! Hercules! Insanely good Disney film.

I love it because the animation is drawn differently than a lot of other Disney movies, and also because it has the 2nd best soundtrack of all Disney movies ever.

Hayleys avatar Hayley Yeah You Are +3Reply

Edward Scissorhands is my current one DX

Harold and Maude :)))))

shannonnns avatar shannonnn Yeah You Are +3Reply

"Scott Pilgrim vs The World".....gets me everytime sad smilie

Sergs avatar Serg Yeah You Are +2Reply

Ocean's Eleven and Fast Five. I love both so much.

BowBowBows avatar BowBowBow Yeah You Are +2Reply

Titanic. I keep hoping Jack lives. sigh

x4everxlove101s avatar x4everxlove101 Yeah You Are +1Reply

13 Going on 30. Or Shutter Island.

Sqwanchos avatar Sqwancho Yeah You Are +1Reply

The Gardian .. Fantastic movie

Pearl Harbor. I cried for hours.

Kaitlyns avatar Kaitlyn Yeah You Are 0Reply

The Elephant Man.

I get on the verge of tears just thinking about that film...

monstrositys avatar monstrosity Yeah You Are -1Reply
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