Miley Cyrus's chance of being assassinated by a Nirvana fan just skyrocketed, amirite?

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Only important people are assassinated.
For Miley Cyrus, the term would be 'shot repeatedly in the face'.

Miley, just give up. No one your age likes you; unless you redeem yourself somehow you're going to have to hang out with ten-year-olds for the rest of your life.

Oh god why did I just look that up that was awful. I just died inside in so many ways, I'm not even a fan of Nirvana, just a general fan of music that doesn't sound like nails on a chalkboard.

Silly Little Hannah Montana, trying to rock out at the beginning. All the tweenies were probably so confused. Bless.

:o that BITCH

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nirvana is my favorite band and when i heard her sing that i wanted to cut my ears off.

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that's offensive to my relijun

Anonymous -8Reply
@that's offensive to my relijun

Your spelling and lack of capitalization is offensive to my intellect.

Anonymous +75Reply
@Your spelling and lack of capitalization is offensive to my intellect.

Your lack of a sense of humor is offensive to my sense of humor.

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Hmm, so they went through with Grunge Hannah Montana.

If Kurt hadn't killed him self already that cover she did would probably send him to do it..

Holy crap, what happened?

evan123s avatar evan123 Yeah You Are +9Reply
@evan123 Holy crap, what happened?

She sang Smells Like Teen Spirit during a concert...

Sex_With_A_Snails avatar Sex_With_A_Snail Yeah You Are +15Reply
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@LissaLoveless SHE DID WHAT?

Okokok I looked it up. The first three words that came out of her mouth I thought "Ok it's not THAT bad..." But then I listened more and it's like she was TRYING to fuck up the song!

LissaLovelesss avatar LissaLoveless Yeah You Are +17Reply

Please tell me that wasn't real, and that she didn't just murder and rape one of my favorite songs. . .

First Joan Jett.. and now Nirvana. I think she's trying to kill all of the good music..

TheSuperLurs avatar TheSuperLur Yeah You Are +7Reply

Please tell me this is a joke and she didn't really sing a Nirvana song!!

...the fuck....? w-what the hell was that piece of shit my ears just heard?!? It sounded like she was choking and trying to sing.
but in all seriousness, people with talent should sing and miley is not one of the talented

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o.O Well... I listened to it... I can't say it's horrible...
But... Just.... Just... Um... No.

I'm not a huge fan of the song (possibly because I don't entirely understand it), but just... No.

I'm gonna shamelessly promote a post now:


I sorta want to punch her in the fucking face. Thanks for making my ears bleed, Miley.

SanctuaryExiles avatar SanctuaryExile Yeah You Are +2Reply

Dear god why?

alittleannoyeds avatar alittleannoyed Yeah You Are +2Reply

I think she was trying too hard to sound like Kurt Cobain. At least she's got decent taste in music.

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What the hell did I just listen to?

Grunge is bad enough already. Miley doesn't need to help.

Alright, about to get my comment voted down now, but I didn't mind it. Yeah, it was in that bubblegum pop/rock style, but I reckon her gravely voice went well with it.

That was worse than Lollipop stick jokes.

Nirvana was a good band, and I will forever love their music. Miley needs to go to hell, and if Kurt were still around, he wouldn't have let this fucked up bitch sing his song!

alienators avatar alienator Yeah You Are 0Reply

I have lost all faith in humanity.

wat did i just listn 2

Anonymous -1Reply

Awww you knew I had my eye on herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Anonymous -4Reply

Actually, I liked her version better than the original. Her voice just sounds more natural and flowy.

Anonymous -68Reply
@Actually, I liked her version better than the original. Her voice just sounds more natural and flowy.

I'm not surprised, with a name like "<3 JBieber" I wouldn't be surprised if you were a Rebecca Black fan as well.

MissAwesomenesss avatar MissAwesomeness Yeah You Are +10Reply
@No I'm not, I don't find her outfits as attractive as Miley/Justin's

(<3 JBieber): Because clothing has everything to do with musical skill.

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