Instead of genre, music should be sorted by what it's about. For example, instead of pop, country, rock, metal, alternative, etc., it should be: Love, boyfriends, girlfriends, ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends, one night stands, crushes, family, friends, life, alcohol, etc., amirite?

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There would be a rather large genre of "this band was on drugs and nobody knows what this song is supposed to mean"

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what about classical music which isn't necessarily about anything.

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It's funny cuz the average Taylor Swift song would fit into at least three of those categories.

But different songs can be interpreted in different ways

plus, just because you like one song about a certain category doens't mean you'll another song in the same category, ie rap girlfriend song vs. country girlfriend song.


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D_Sexys avatar D_Sexy No Way +9Reply

What about instrumental songs D:

You are dumb. Fo real.

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I agreed until I saw everyone else's comments about why this wouldn't make sense. :P

people don't necessarily listen to music because of the lyrics. The sound (aka THE GENRE) is what usually interest them first.

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Most songs would be soooo hard to categorize!

YYA'ing this because it's so wut it's lol.

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These catergories listed all sound terrible.

That would get a lot of 8 year olds in trouble and no one would have a fave genre then

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make your own fucking playlists. This is a terrible suggestion for most people.

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On its own this would be a bad idea, but if you sub-categorized it might work. Ex: Pop-Love, or Rap-Girlfriend... not saying I think this should happen, just that this would be a better idea.

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Most of the time you can't detect the actual purpose of the song. Only the artist will know the true meaning and sometimes they might not want to give that away.

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Okay, one question: the song Freshmen by Verve Pipe. It was about the guy's girlfriend getting an abortion in highschool. what category would THAT go into?

lol, this is actually the STUPIDEST idea i have ever heard, amirite?

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