Best way to handle insults? Accept them! ex: "You're so ugly!" "Tell me about it." or "You're an idiot!" "Yeah, it's a problem..", amirite?

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Omg, YES. This actually works. When it comes to my brother, I usually try to one-up him, even. "Sami, that shirt makes you look fat." "No, Jon, my fat makes me look fat."

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"You're ugly" "Hey, at least that makes two of us!"
That's usually what I use.

iDots are the lasting thing in Apple, I can't see that being an insult.

At first I thought it was your ex calling you ugly...

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Complimenting them shuts them up too.
"You're ugly!"
"I think you're pretty!"

It does wonders. Then they feel terrible :D

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Or you can always thank them, that usually throws them off. "you look terrible" "thank you!" "wait...what?"

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@Wynaut Or you can always thank them, that usually throws them off. "you look terrible" "thank you!" "wait...what?"

Nawh, usually when people say thank you to an insult it's because they have nothing else to say.

I definitely remember seeing this on an episode on the Simpsons. Can't remember what episode but they were trying to make fun of Homer and he was just accepting everything.

@throughtherain I don't doubt you, but I've never watched an entire simpsons episode in my life.

WHAT?? Is that even possible? Well you should watch some of the old episodes.

soooooooooooooooooooooo true :)

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I usually smirk and say, "Thanks." with every bit of sarcasm I can muster up ATM. Or just raise a mocking eyebrow. Works wonders.

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Drives bullies CRAZY!

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Or you know, insult them back.

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Go back to MLIA.

This post is gay

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@This post is gay

sigh Tell me about it!

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@This post is gay

(:P): I mean,it has consensual sex with people of the same gender and ENJOYS it. So gay.

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