It's surprising how much you grow from freshman year to senior year in high school. When you're a freshman the seniors look huge, but when you're a senior the freshmen look so much smaller, amirite?

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and don't forget maturity. There's a gigantic difference there :]

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@mNmL0ver14 and don't forget maturity. There's a gigantic difference there :]

Definitely. Even in college. You see a lot more freshmen outside chilling around campus and upperclassmen. Well I guess it's not that they're immature... they just have more time for it.

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It's weird, at ninth grade I felt like I was as mature as I'd get, but by senior year, your'e not even the same person.

Well, ever since Justin Bieber showed up, every pre-pubescent, short Freshman kid wants to look JUST LIKE HIM. I guess it helps them feel better about being short and shrimpy in High School since so many girls love JBIEBSSS.

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It's so true. And it keeps going from there, as well. Your first year out of high school you change so much, and the years after that you look back and laugh at your 18-year-old self. I can't speak personally, but then when you're done school/training/whatever and get into an actual grown up job it happens again. We're ALWAYS growing and maturing.

I haven't grown at all. If I look at a picture from back then the only difference is I got a foot of hair chopped off my head. My face hasn't even matured any. I still look about 13.

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