A German joke is no laughing matter, amirite?

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I agree. Anne Frankly, I think jew should be proud of yourself for coming up with this post. I do nazi why people laugh at German jokes at all...

@Please, this joke is out of mein kampfort zone

The topic of German jokes is making me lose my concentration camp.

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Not that you're self-promoting or anything.

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I love Bearslayer, he's one of my favorite commenters on here. Oh, and I'm sorry that I can't use those jokes as they have been used so many times before, since I didn't realize someone else owned the rights to them. The last part of your comment; lolwut smilie


Hop off his dick, seriously.


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A sausage maker buys a box of cereal.

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Germans like Nazis? haha get it?

I have no idea why this is funny.

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