Girls: You like looking at other girls. Not out of attraction, but in a way of getting inspiration from their hair or makeup. amirite?

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Yeah, I can totally appreciate a pretty girl.
Like, there's the type of pretty where you're like "wow, I'm jealous"
and then there's the type that's like "oh my god thank you sweet jesus for letting the earth be inhabited by such a beautiful creature."

Yeah or it's just like wow. She's gorgeous.

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@Ashden Yeah or it's just like wow. She's gorgeous.

I know! sometimes you are just in awe and wonder how you can look like them.

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wow i thought i was the only one! glad i'm not alone (:

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Or possibly both. . .just sayin'.

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And shoes, I always notice shoes...

well, i'm a lesbian, so indeed i do like looking at girls out of attraction purposes

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