There is no reason to hate Rebecca Black, she is not the one who made you watch her video, she is just a little girl who wanted to experiment with her talents, sure you don't have to like her music, but don't send the poor girl death threats and say you want her to die. amirite?

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I just laugh at her music, but got nothin' personally against the chick.

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@RebeccaBIack <3

Less than three

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I'll admit My Moment sounds better than Friday, it's not great, it's more OK. Also she's a bit too cocky in her video; she didn't ride on the wings of fame because of her "talent," she became famous because everyone had to see how horrible Friday was for themselves....rant done

It's scary how producing some bad music is enough to make the entire world want to hurt you.

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That's totally fake. I mean, if you go listen to her sing the small part of the start spangled banner, she doesn't sound like that. Also, the sound doesn't match her mouth all the time. We know she's bad, but that's not her.

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Plus she's pretty hot

@jeeeerso Plus she's pretty hot

Dude, she's like 12. Only Pedo_Bear can say she's hot.

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It's because Friday was so terrible and she didn't realize it, and how wanted to show the world how terrible she was. A lot of people make bad music, but hardly anyone is stupid enough to let music like that be shown to the public.

I actually thought the song My Moment was decent though.

what talent?

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Hi, welcome to the internet, you must be new here.

I hate her on an unparalleled plane. I would break her nose if someone already hadn't

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