It would suck to have the initials "STD", amirite?

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It would suck even more if you had the name "Sexually Transmitted Disease".

LonelyIslands avatar LonelyIsland Yeah You Are +72Reply

I knew a girl whose initials were KKK. It took her parents 2 years to realize it, before they changed her middle name.

Kaylees avatar Kaylee Yeah You Are +10Reply

I know a girl and her name is Alyia S. Sullivan so her initials spell ASS but i think STD would be worse

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There's a school with those exact initials near where I live. O.O

I could've had those initials, and almost got SAD, but then at the last minute my parents realized that and changed it.

Sqwanchos avatar Sqwancho Yeah You Are +8Reply

I've gotta friend, Val DeSilva... VD.

SamanthaaJs avatar SamanthaaJ Yeah You Are +7Reply

Hubert Illes Voinovich
Allie Ingrid Dupry
Harry Otis Earheart
Patrick Miller Smith

Someone at my school has those initials. And the kid that sits in front of me has the initials, "ASS." :D

Anonymous +3Reply

My friend has the initials SMD. Lol

Or if a girl had intials DTF

Anonymous +2Reply

I know someone whose initials are BRO.

My friend goes to Parkland Middle School

I used to know a girl named Tara Hymen.

Kk15s avatar Kk15 Yeah You Are 0Reply

My friend's initials are S(tephanie)T(aylor)D(awson)

MyNameIsCools avatar MyNameIsCool Yeah You Are 0Reply

Those are my initials as a matter of fact.

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