It's odd how there are half naked women sporting Victoria's Secret yet swearing on a TV is considered offensive towards adolescence and bleeped out, amirite?

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soooooooooooooooooooooo true :p

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Last time I saw a Victoria's Secret commercial was when I was home sick watching Cartoon Network. They at least need to think about what channels they put their commercials on.

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censoring words is one of the most stupid things ever.

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Maybe a mannequin, if they could could pull it off without making a commercial worse than the Old Navy

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Sometimes I wonder why certain models are even on those xommercials.

It's incredibly annoying how they have "18 VL" (Violence & Language) in the corner of the screen throughout the movie, yet still silence it out when someone swears. Then you can't hear what the people are trying to say because the silencing lasts longer than just the one word. Surely if the 18VL is on the screen then they shouldn't silence the swearing, because if someone switches it on and sees the age restriction, they can just change the damn channel, amirite?

Nakedness is natural

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real porn should be available for anyone its 100% natural
swearing should be permitted in public because just say i was to create a new language and the word hello was a swear i could claim offence therefore words mean nothing
violence should not be hidden either because thats what happens in life
(except rape/torture stuff)

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the (not even fully exposed) human body = evil? God, when are we gonna leave the 50s in the 50's?

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