How does Apple know if you've typed in an incorrect code when redeeming an iTunes gift card? I mean, there are thousands of different codes, so how do they know if yours is wrong, amirite?

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The codes are generated when they're bought at the store, so their's only about a 1000-3000 codes at a given time, so guessing a code that long is not realistic.


sorry not generated, activated. I was thinking of prepaid phone cards

Database FTW.

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They keep track of which ones are activated. Although it WOULD be pretty cool to accidentally type in another code that's semi-close to yours and was ALSO activated. Though it'd piss someone off somewhere too.

Wtf are you serious. It's in their computer.

I dunno, I just thought they had a team of people that just read off numbers from the iTunes cards and decided whether or not it seems legit.

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Sorry, I didn't know!! Gosh, you guys...

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