There should be an episode where 2 or 3 of the murder mystery shows are combined. Such as Bones not being able to figure out the murder so they call Monk for help, amirite?

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then House would walk in and realize he doesn't deal with murders and limps away :D

or the body that beckett and castle go to see is a skeleton and so they call bones and booth!!! :D

If only Monk would come back on. But on an episode of Monk, the guy from Burn Notice, Michael Weston, was on. But as an astronaut. ;D

I love Monk! I was so sad when it ended.

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The guy from CSI Las Vegas was on CSI Miami once.

when I was younger I always wanted that to happen and it would be a large group of them so they all need each other's speciality.

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but Bones wouldn't need this Monk person...because she always solves the case

I was so disappointed when Jersey Shore did a show with Bones, then somwone pointed out that that meant one of them would die and another get arrested. I was still disappointed with whoever chose to put them together.

The Mentalist and Hawaii Five-0 . Patrick Jane and hot Hawaiian cops ? I think so (:

I know they aren't murder-mystery shows, but I'd love to see a crossover of Burn Notice and Royal Pains. :D Especially since Mike sent Hank (?) a block of C-4 when RP just started airing.

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And then Shawn and Gus could get in on it cause one of the clues was a yin yang sign :]

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