Why does turning on your computer take so much more time than turning off your computer? I mean, they're essentially doing the same thing, amirite?

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I think it's like building with legos. You have to get all the different colors and types and put them in the right places. Then, when you tear it down, you just kinda bring it on like donkey kong. Then you put them away by color. Similar? You could argue that they are, but booting up will take more time than shutting down.

Which is more difficult, waking up or falling asleep?

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@Brettward95 For me it's falling asleep.

Fair enough, but when you fall asleep, you don't make an effort, because that would just wake you up and... I lost my train of thought.

When you are turning on your computer, it just has to turn on all of its components and start the default programs and such. When you turn it off, not only does it have to reverse these actions, but if has to store the information you have saved in memory to the hard drive and it has to close any behind the scenes programs you might have started while using your computer.

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Some people don't know that this happens because they never turn their computer off at all - they just go to bed and when they get up it's there - like a cyclops on their desk ... chugging away!

I run Windows -- It takes longer to shut down than to start up.

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