Video games should have a bad mood sensor, thus letting you win whenever you're in a bad mood, amirite?

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Wouldn't everyone be mad all the time because of the bad mood sensor thingamabob?

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seriously. we ran out of bread so i started playing Fallout 3. :I i kept failing a speech check so i threw my controller at the TV & flailed my arms. grrrrrrrrrr.

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Why should you deserve to win just because you're feeling pissy? There are video game designers living in third-world countries that decided they'd rather make some antisocial teenager happy than spend time at their sons' death beds!

msg("Are you on your period?");
getanswer(0, &x, 1, &y);
if (user is in a bad mood, awww, so sad) {
if (user is FEELING AWESOME) {
startgame(KICK ASS MODE);
FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!;

Wow, I never thought anyone would be looking forward to the Wii Vitality Sensor...

Than what is the point of video games?

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Than what, whenever your happy you lose?

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