If a girl asks her boyfriend what he likes about her and he replies, "you're so sexy and have a great body" and makes no mention of her face and personality, then he really doesn't 'love' her like he says he does. amirite?

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If he says he's in love, HE'S IN FAHKIN' LOVE. There's no universal feeling of love. YOU CANNOT TELL PEOPLE HOW THEY FEEL. If he wants to base his feelings on something, there's no reason for you to downplay them because his view on love is different than yours. I'm sick of these girly moaning posts on stuff that cannot and should not be judged so easily.

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Noun: An intense feeling of deep affection: "their love for their country".

Key word: FEELING
Loving someone for their physical appearance is no different from loving someone for any other reason. It may be shallow, but the feelings are still there and there's no way that you can judge him.

I think it's funny that what used to be superficial(liking someone for their face) is now considered deep.

oh shut the fuck me, moan moan moan moan moan

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...or he's just horny

What can I say, you're a genius.

meh, depends.
i agree that he could be horny, which knowing most guys they are, like 97% of the time.
but yeah, it's nice to be liked for personality too.


Our society thinks love is an emotion. True love is emotionless for ex: when harmones are not flowing through your body at an extreme rate but you still care for her. Love is a word we throw around to easily ( I love ice cream) relationships need to be based around trust, communication, and not about lust which is often thought of as love which is completly not

So sexy girls with great bodies will never find love...? I guess I'm shit out of luck.

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