Girls: you feel safer when you're wearing a bra, amirite?

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B.R.A., Battle Ready Armor. Kids Next Door told me that

sooo true. one time i was walking down a dark alley in the middle of the night and the huge gang of serial killers armed with guns came out of nowhere! at first i was pretty scared and i was gonna make a break for it but then i was like "pheww, its ok im wearing a bra!" it was a close one..

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I guess you could compare the feeling to having poles when skiing, even though they do very little in means of safety.

Well, i hope this isn't awkward... (Takes off shirt revealing bra)

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This is on amiwrong, you know.

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Pics or this isn't true.

Actually you are 5000x more likely to die in a horrible accident while wearing a bra. This is even worse if you are also wearing a shirt. SAVE YOURSELVES.

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