Holding poop in is easier than holding pee in, amirite?

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I read this at first as holding poop is easier than holding pee and I was like, "Yes, indeed it is...."

If you already started to pee there is no stopping. But a poop can be aborted.

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@GabbyGirlie815 Way to love your own comment. I'll try it, too. OMG THIS IS FUN!

I just laughed when I read it again and said "Screw it. I don't care what they think, I'm going to love my own comment." So I did and now you said that and I said this.

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Unless it's diarrhea, then every step you take has the potential to make you poop your pants.

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I love getting held <3

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Sometimes I wonder about the people who click homepage...

You're an odd fellow sometimes. wary smilie

But holding in a fart...That's a whole different story.

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i can hold both in. i havent used a bathroom in two years. but i yya'd because that is what i have heard.

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