It's way too much pressure to live up to a successful older sibling, amirite?

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it's fun being the oldest

Eh, kind of made me want to be more successful though

Im the oldest but Im not that perfect kid with straight a's on every sports team there is and popular. It is weird me and my sisters are all different but I feel bad for them when they come into a new grade because they are automatically known as that girls little sister and not their name.

Or older cousin.

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ha i don't have that much to live up to

Story of my life...

My older brother has a 4.0 GPA and lettered on varsity, all four years of high school, for both the wrestling and cross country teams. I am about to start my freshman year of high school, I'm taking all of the same classes as him, and I'm on the cross country team.

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Seeing a younger sibling or cousin do better than you did is pretty bad too.