People shouldn't buy albums from dead musicians since it's not like they're around to make money off of them, amirite?

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Hmm... I totally forgot that music is all about money and has nothing to do with enjoyment.

The problem with that is the other people who worked on the album. It's not just the musicians who make money off album sales--actually, musicians make only a small portion. People always complain about money going to "the record label", but they forget that the record companies also pay EVERYONE who worked on the project.

You've got the sound engineers, electrical engineers, the artist who drew the cover art, the person who wrote and designed the pamphlet in front. You've got the editors who made the final mix, and then you have to pay the company who supplied any sounds that were not recorded by the band itself--which happens a LOT. If you have string sounds, they often record an orchestra rather than dealing with the synthesizer, so you have to pay those musicians. Then you have your marketing execs, distributors, and you'll need someone to negotiate a deal with a syndication company for working with radio stations.

Musicians aren't even half of the process.

who buys music still? lollls

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I question your ignorance.

Their music should just be free.

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