there is always that one substitute teacher that you're glad to see, amirite?

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Well, I certainly have a few teachers that make ANY sub a sight for sore eyes.

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haha, I miss some of the crazy subs I had in high school

Yeah we used to have this sub that had absolutely zero control of the class. My sister's class had her once and a guy managed to successfully lock himself in the cupboard much to the classes amusment and went undetected for the whole period. Everyone always looked forward to having her because it was basically a free period.

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There are some guys in my class who are very... loud. The often do the whole "yo mama" type thing. My favorite sub just sort of burns them all. He's cool.

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today in health, this teacher named miss messler, who everyone loves, walked in and like 12 kids, including me, scramed "MESSLER!" and ran to give her a hug.

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