It's cool to have epic background music while reading the latest Amirite posts. amirite?

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Shit, that's where this is coming from. I was watching a TV show and I was thinking, WHY THE FUCK DO THEY HAVE THIS DISTRACTING MUSIC IN THE BACKGROUND....until I realized.

enders avatar ender No Way +17Reply

Now explain to me how the fuck this has to do with anything? Why don't people worry about more important stuff like the rapture than this crap. THE RAPTURE IS COMMING, BE PREPARED!

Anonymous +9Reply

Lol i thought it was an ad.
its kinda distracting though.

mchalla3s avatar mchalla3 Yeah You Are +6Reply

Anthony says there's a way to turn it off. Anyone have an idea?
I tried mousing over the screen for a link, typing some key words, and finally resorted to pressing random buttons.

Not when you're already listening to amazing music & at the same time trying to read amirite. ):

Has there ever been a situation where it WASN'T cool to have epic background music?

MrRites avatar MrRite Yeah You Are +1Reply

First I was like "uhhh, I don't do that..." then me music started and I was like :o


Anonymous 0Reply

ooohh i lovve this, it made my amirite-reading so much better :3 xD

phant0mriders avatar phant0mrider Yeah You Are 0Reply

SO THAT'S WHERE IT WAS COMING FROM!!! lol, it's good stuff.

Anonymous 0Reply


I dont know about you but i dont hear any music... but while reading this post i was listening to the mortal kombat theme song..what a weird coincidence..

Cagns avatar Cagn Yeah You Are 0Reply

If you care to know, it's from the Romeo and Juliet ballet.

Anonymous 0Reply

fuckkkk its getting in the way of my mcrrr

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