There's no POTD today. Anthony must've been taken by the rapture, amirite?

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It's already Rapture Day in Britain. It all makes sense.

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I vote this as POTD!

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Wow! Great observation!

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Haha.. it happens.

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He is God and He is busy planning for The Rapture. I say, as members of this site, we should all be saved.

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No, he is me. There is the father, the son, and the Holy Anthony.

Or he's hungover from his birthday.

I just checked a British Server on Runescape, everyone's alive and well

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@God_the_Almighty (LGM007):>>>this is why http://theoatmeal.com/comics/rapture

whoops didnt mean to reply to you. I meant to put that as why theres no POTD

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I'm kinda busy with this whole rapture thing. Jesus was supposed to handle the Western Time Zones, but he overslept again :/ God, and you guys think he's perfect.

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Let's just say it's getting pretty crowded.

what the hell? Anthony is God. He wouldn't be taken...

Maybe the world really IS ending!! D:


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I'm liking the music.

I was about to say! Some post aboot weed as the POTD? As seemingly ironic as that sounds, no thanks to THAT.

where'd it go!? i feel so lost...

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Well to get technical, the world will end depending on where you are based on Jerusalem; at 6 pm (sundown) in Jerusalem, it will start. So if you're in New England, USA, for example, it will be 11 AM tomorrow.

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But it's May 20 where I am..
which means tomorrow I may possibly not have a POTD.

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