Sometimes, after you've been reading for a long period of time, you think as if you're writing in a book. All formally and descriptively, amirite?

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I tend to narrate my life.
"Then I grabbed the nutella out of the pantry, wondering if I should have a snack"
similar to an actual thought of mine.

Oh God, I can sympathise. I love writing short stories for entertainment. But... when you read a really old classic (in my case, Wuthering Heights), EVERY thought is tainted with that flowery, purple prose! Instead of:
"What the hell are you doing?" Asked Lucy, frowning.
"Calm down, I'm not doing anything," John replied.
It becomes:
"Pray tell, what the devil are you doing, sir?" Lucy fretted hysterically, the configuration of a crease parting her pallid brow.
"Fie, fie, my good lady, calm yourself! For I was engaging in no such activity I could concieve to warrant such a frenzied outburst," proclaimed John, noting dearly the panic-sticken expression lingering still furtively upon the maiden's features.

Oh geez, I'm getting flashbacks just trying to replicate it...

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Yes and typically in a british accent :)

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