You wonder what you smell like to other people, amirite?

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I've always been self-conscious about my breath... wary smilie it caused my gum obsession.
That being said, I prob smell like sexy.

I've been told I smell like everything from citrus and blood to sweat and fear to apples and cats, syrup, flowers, etc.

In my opinion? B.O.. I smell awful to my nose all the time.

JaedtheEchos avatar JaedtheEcho Yeah You Are +13Reply

According to my friends, I smell like my house which smells new even though it was built 5 years ago.

StickCavemans avatar StickCaveman Yeah You Are +9Reply

Some people have a smell that can't be explained.. It just smells like "them" xP

TheSuperLurs avatar TheSuperLur Yeah You Are +9Reply

Well I just played a show, so at the moment my best guess would be sweat, mountain dew and B.C. Rich Widow.

Aparently I smell like milk and honey. O.o

Deathelfs avatar Deathelf Yeah You Are +4Reply

I dunno... I think my hair must smell weird, because t-gel smells weird... but other than that, I hope I just don't smell.

EstoniaObsesseds avatar EstoniaObsessed Yeah You Are +3Reply

Hm, hey its a good scent. People have said I smelled like febreeze and powdery rose...

This kid at school says I smell like chocolate chip muffins. At first he just said muffins, but then he took into account that I'm black and added the chocolate chip part.

Shugahs avatar Shugah Yeah You Are +2Reply

My boyfriend always says that I smell like Christmas and candy canes... I don't own anything minty scented...

I knew a girl who smelled like cookies and sweat...

PurpleZebras avatar PurpleZebra Yeah You Are 0Reply

i wonder that a lot...especially if i'm with someone who smells really good.

Everyday i always worry that i smell bad and not good like other people do.

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